Thought of the day
Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday of the First week of Lent

"...and there is something greater than Jonah here."

Open, O Lord, open to me the doors of your mercy before the time of my departing comes (Mt 25,11). For I am destined to leave, to come to you and render account of everything I speak in words, accomplish in deeds and think in my heart. “Discordant grumblings are no secret” (Wis 1,10). David cries out to you in the psalm: “Truly, you have formed my inmost being… in your book all is written” (Ps 139[138], 13; 16). As you read there the record of my evil deeds, engrave them on your cross, for it is that in which I make my boast (Ga 6,14) as I cry out to you: “Open to me”…

Our spirits our hardened to such an extent that, even after hearing tell of the disasters to have befallen others, yet nothing is changed within us (Lk 13,1f.). “There is not one who is wise and seeks God; all alike have gone astray; they have become perverse” (Ps 14[13] 2-3). The Ninevites of former days repented at one call from the prophet. But as for us, we have understood neither call nor threat. By his weeping Hezekiah put the Assyrians to flight by calling down upon them the justice from on high (2Kgs 19). And now, behold, the Assyrians… have carried us off into captivity and we have neither wept nor cried out: “Open to us!”

Highest Lord, judge of all, do not wait for us to alter our behaviour; you have no need of our good deeds for each of us is devoted to deeds of wickedness in thought and will. This being so, my Saviour, rule over our days according to your will, without waiting for our conversion since, perhaps, it may never happen. And even if it happens for a little time it may not last until the end. Like seed fallen on rocky ground, like grass on the housetops, it withers away before it grows up (Mk 4,5; Ps 129[128],6). Therefore spread out your mercies upon us and on all those who cry out: “Open to us.”