Thought of the day
Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday of the Fifth Week of Lent

"I am the light of the world"

When you yourself lead me to the light, Lord Jesus Christ, and it is thanks to you I find God and receive the Father, I become co-heir with you (Rm 8:17) since you were not ashamed to have me as your brother (Heb 2:11). So let us remove forgetfulness of the truth, let us take away ignorance and, when we have dispersed the darkness surrounding us like mist over the eyes, let us behold the true God, crying: “Hail, thou true light!” 

For light has arisen upon us who have been plunged in darkness and enclosed in the shadow of death (Lk 1:79), light purer than the sun and more beautiful than this life here below. This light is eternal life and all those who share in it live. Night flees from the light and, hiding itself for fear, gives way to the day of the Lord. The light that cannot be extinguished is shed abroad everywhere and the West has reunited with the East. This is what is meant by the “new creation”. Indeed, the sun of justice (Mal 3:20) who illumines all things shines upon humankind after the example of his Father who makes the sun to rise on all men (Mt 5:45) and waters them with the dew of truth.