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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion - Year C

"See, your king is coming to you" (Zac 9,9 ; Mt 21,5)

Commentary of the day 
Saint Andrew of Crete (660-740), monk and Bishop 
Homily for Palm Sunday PG 97, 989-993 (trans. breviary)
"See, your king is coming to you" (Zac 9,9 ; Mt 21,5)

     Come, come, let us go up together to the Mount of Olives. Together let us meet Christ, who is returning today from Bethany and going of his own accord to that holy and blessed passion to complete the mystery of our salvation. And so he comes, willingly taking the road to Jerusalem, he who came down from the heights for us, to raise us who lie in the depths to exaltation with him, as the revealing word says: “above all authority and rule and power and above every name that is named” (Eph 1:21). He comes without display, without boast. For, as the prophet says, “He will not contend or shout out, and no one will hear his voice” (Is 42:2). He is gentle and lowly, and his entrance is humble… 

     Then, let us run with him as he presses on to his passion. Let us imitate those who have gone out to meet him, not scattering olive branches or garments or palms in his path but spreading ourselves before him as best we can with humility of soul and upright purpose. So may we welcome the Word as he comes (Jn 1:9); so may God, who cannot be contained within any bounds, be contained within us. 

     For he is pleased to have shown us this gentleness, he who is gentle and who “rides upon the setting sun” (Ps 56[57]:12), which refers to our extreme lowliness. He is pleased to come and live with us and to raise us up or bring us back to him through the word that unites to God.