Thought of the day
Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Thursday

“Peace be with you”

The heart of every Christian ought to represent in miniature the Catholic Church, since one Spirit makes both the whole Church and every member of it to be his Temple (1Cor 3,16). As he makes the Church one, which, left to itself, would separate into many parts; so He makes the soul one, in spite of its various affections and faculties, and its contradictory aims. As he gives peace to the multitude of nations, who are naturally in discord one with another, so does he give an orderly government to the soul, and set reason and conscience as sovereigns over the inferior parts of our nature… And let us be quite sure that these two operations of our Divine Comforter depend upon each other, and that while Christians do not seek after inward unity and peace in their own breasts, the Church itself will never be at unity and peace in the world around them. And in somewhat the same manner, while the Church throughout the world is in that lamentable state of disorder which we see, no particular country, which is but a part of it, but must be in great religious confusion too, within its own limits.

This is a point much to be kept in view in this day, as it will moderate our expectations, and sober us: we cannot hope for peace at home, while we are at war abroad.