Thought of the day
Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday of the Fourth week of Easter

“No one comes to the Father but through me”

     “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” With these words, Christ seems to be telling us: “Which road are you going to take? I am the way. Where do want to go? I am the truth. Where do you want to live? I am the life.” So let us walk with great security on the way; and let us fear the traps that lie away from the path, for the enemy does not dare to attack on the way. The way is Christ. But away from the way, the enemy lays his traps… 

     Our way is Christ in his humility. Christ, the truth and the life, is Christ in his grandeur, his divinity. If you walk on the way of humility, you will come to the Most High. If in your weakness, you do not despise humility, you will remain full of strength in the Most High. Why did Christ take the path of humility? It was because of your weakness that was like an insurmountable obstacle. Such a great doctor came to you so as to free you from it. You could not go to him; he came to you. He came to teach you humility, the way of return, for pride is what prevents us from returning to the life it caused us to lose… 

     So Jesus, who has become our way, calls out to us: “Enter through the narrow gate.” (Mt 7:13) We may try to enter, but the swelling of pride prevents us. Let us accept the remedy of humility, let us drink this bitter but salutary medicine… The person who is swollen with pride asks: “How will I be able to enter?” Christ answers us: “I am the way; enter through me. I am the gate (Jn 10:7), why look elsewhere?” He made himself everything for you so that you might not get lost, and he tells you: “Be humble, be gentle.” (Mt 11:29)
Saint Augustine