Thought of the day
Saturday, May 7, 2016

Saturday of the Sixth week of Easter

“Ask and you will receive: and you will be filled with joy”

     To reverence and honor him whom we believe to be Word, Savior, and Leader, and by him, the Father, not on special days, as some others do, but doing this continually throughout our whole life and in every way: this is our duty. The chosen people cries out: "Seven times a day have I praised you" (Ps 118[119],164). Whence not in a specified place, or selected temple, or at certain festivals and on appointed days, but during his whole life and in every place, the truly spiritual person… honors God, that is, acknowledges his gratitude for the knowledge of the way to live. 

     And if the presence of someone good, through the respect and reverence which they inspire, always improves those with whom they associate, with much more reason do not they who always hold uninterrupted converse with God by their knowledge, life, and thanksgiving not improve at every step in everything: conduct, words, disposition?... Holding festival, then, in our whole life, persuaded that God is wholly present everywhere, we cultivate our fields, singing; we sail the sea to the sound of hymns and, in all our other conversation we conduct ourselves like “citizens of heaven” (Phil 3:20)... 

     Prayer is, then, to speak more boldly, intimate converse with God. Even if we whisper softly and, not opening the lips, speak in silence, yet we cry inwardly. For God constantly hears our interior voice… Indeed, the genuinely spiritual person prays throughout his whole life, endeavoring by prayer to have fellowship with God. And he leaves behind him all that is of no service, as having now received the perfection of one who acts by love… His whole life is a sacred liturgy.

Saint Clement of Alexandria