Thought of the day
Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday of the Seventh week in Ordinary Time

“I believe; help my unbelief”

     The faith which the Church hands down to you has all the authority of the scriptures behind it. This is the faith, and none other, which you must learn to proclaim and in which you must persevere. Our spiritual life must not be put at risk through ignorance, and since there are some who do not read the bible, either because they are too busy or because they are illiterate, the essence and core of our faith has been captured, and can be memorized, in the few short lines of the Creed… 

     To begin with, simply take the words as they stand at their face value, put your faith in them and commit them to memory. Later, as opportunity offers, you can take the propositions one by one and study them as truths of the sacred scriptures. This summary of our faith is not a merely human composition but the more striking sayings of the scriptures have been assembled together to form one comprehensive statement. And as a small mustard seed carries within itself the potential of large branches (Mt 13:32), so the words of our creed are pregnant with the whole content of our religion as it is expressed both in the Old and the New Testament. 

     Pay attention, then, brethren, to the truths of the faith now being handed down to you and “write them on the tablets of your hearts” (2Cor 3:3)...  As the apostle Paul says: “In the presence of God, who gives life to all things, and of Christ Jesus who in his testimony before Pontius Pilate bore witness to that great claim; I charge you to keep the faith unstained until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ” (1Tim 6: 13f.).