Thought of the day
Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday of the Seventh week in Ordinary Time

Follow him who is the last of all and servant of all

Commentary of the day 
Aphrahat (?-c.345), monk and Bishop near Mosul 
Demonstrations, no.6 (SC 349)
Follow him who is the last of all and servant of all

My friend, let us take on the likeness of him who gives us life. Although he was rich, he made himself poor. Although he was exalted, he humbled his greatness. Although he dwelt in the heights, he had nowhere to lay his head. Although he is to come on the clouds, he mounted an ass to enter Jerusalem. Although he is God and Son of God, he bears the likeness of a slave. 

He who is rest for every effort has been worn out by the difficulty of the way. He who is the spring that quenches thirst was thirsty and asked for water to drink. He who is the repletion that satisfies our hunger was hungry when he fasted in the desert to be tempted. He who is the unsleeping watchman fell asleep and lay down in the boat in the middle of the sea. He who is served in his Father’s tent allowed himself to be served at the hands of men. He who is the doctor of all the sick had his hands pierced by nails. He whose mouth spoke prudence was given gall to drink. He who did no wrong nor harmed anyone has been struck with blows and bore insult. He who gives life to all the dead surrendered himself to the death of the cross. 

Our Lifegiver himself has given proof of all this humility; let us humble ourselves, my friends. 

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