Thought of the day
Saturday, June 4, 2016

The memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

"His mother kept all these things in her heart"

     Amongst all the feasts of the Virgin Mary that of her heart is like the heart and queen of all the rest because the heart is the seat of love and charity. What is the subject matter of this particular solemnity? It is the heart of the well-beloved, only Daughter of the eternal Father, the heart of the Mother of God, the heart of the Bride of the Holy Spirit, the heart of the best of Mothers to all the faithful. It is a heart wholly on fire with love for God and aflame with charity towards us. 

     It is all love for God since it has never loved anything but God alone and whatever God wanted it to love in him and for his sake. It is wholly love since the blessed Virgin has always loved God with all her heart and soul and strength (Mk 12,30). It is all love because she has not only always wanted whatever God wanted and never wanted what he did not want, but still more because she has always placed all her happiness in God's most loveable will. 

    It is all love for us for she loves us with the same love with which she loves God since it is God she sees and loves in us. And she loves us with the same love with which she loves the Man God, her son Jesus. For she knows him to be our leader and head and ourselves to be his members (Col 2,19) and, therefore, that we are but one with him.