Thought of the day
Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wednesday of the Eleventh week in Ordinary Time

“Close the door, and pray to your Father in private”

     Be assiduous in prayer and meditation. You told me you had already begun. That is a great consolation for a father who loves you as himself! So  continue to progress in this exercise of love of God. Take another step every day: at night by the weak light of a lamp, in the midst of weakness and in spiritual dryness; or by day, in joy and the illumination that dazzles the soul… 

     If you can, speak to the Lord in prayer, praise him. If you cannot manage that because you have not yet progressed enough in the spiritual life, do not worry. Go to your room and close the door and place yourself in God’s presence. He will see you and will appreciate your presence and your silence. Then he will take you by the hand, speak to you, take a hundred steps along the paths of the garden of prayer, and there you will find consolation. Remaining in God’s presence simply in order to show our will to acknowledge that we are his servants is an excellent spiritual exercise, which will make us progress on the way of perfection. 

     When you are united with God through prayer, look at who you are in truth. If you can, speak to him, and if that is impossible for you, stop and remain before him. Don’t make any other effort.