Thought of the day
Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thursday of the Eleventh week in Ordinary Time

“Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

     It is not that God can do what he wants, but that we can do what he wants. Who can prevent God from doing what he wants? But we others, we who are thwarted by the devil, who prevents us from obeying the will of God in everything, both interiorly and exteriorly. So we ask that his will be done in us. But so that it might be done, we need his help. Nobody is strong through their own resources, but rather, their strength lies in the goodness and mercy of God… 

      The will of God is what Christ did and taught: humility in his conduct, solidity in his faith, modesty in his words, justice in his actions, mercy in his works, discipline in his habits. It is the will of God not to act wrongly towards anyone, to bear the wrong that is done to us, maintain peace with our brethren, love God with all our heart, love him because he is the Father and fear him because he is God; not to prefer anything to Christ since he preferred us to all else, to adhere inviolably to his love and remain beneath the cross with courage and trust. When it is a matter of fighting for his name or his honor we should show constancy in our words; we should prove that we trust him in the midst of our difficulties so as to bear the struggle, being patient in death so as to obtain the crown. This is what wanting to be co-heirs with Christ means: to fulfill God’s precepts and do God’s will.