Thought of the day
Sunday, June 19, 2016

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C

"He must... take up his cross daily"

     I feel ever more strongly a love for my Lord's Cross, especially in  these days. O blessed Jesus, do not let this be a spurt of flame to flicker out in the first shower of rain, but a burning,inextinguishable fire! During this retreat I have come across another beautiful prayer which corresponds very well to the state of my spiritual life...: «O Jesus, my crucified love, I worship you in all your sufferings... I welcome with all my heart, for love of you, all the afflictions of body and soul which you may send me. And I promise to find all my glory, my treasure and my joy your Cross, that is in humiliations, privations and sufferings, saying with St Paul: 'Far be it from me to glory except in the Cross of our Lord Christ' (Gal 6:14). As for me, I want no other paradise in this world than the Cross of my Lord Jesus Christ.»... The profound and lasting impression I have received... convinces me  that the  Lord wants me all for himself along the royal road of the holy Cross. It is along this way and none other that I wish to follow him... 

     A characteristic of this retreat has been a greater inner peace and joy which embolden me to offer myself to the Lord for any sacrifice he may wish me to make of what is dear to me. My whole person and my whole life must be imbued with this tranquillity and joy...  I must do my best to preserve this cheerfulness in my soul and inward behaviour...  One of the similes used by St Francis de Sales, which I love to repeat, is: "I am like a bird singing in a thicket of thorns"; this must be an inspiration to me. So, I must say very little to anyone about the things that hurt me. Great discretion and forbearance in my judgments of people and situations: willingness to pray particularly for those who may cause me suffering, and in everything great kindness and endless patience, remembering that any other sentiment or mixture of sentiments, "Macédoine", as they say here, is contrary to the spirit of the Gospel and of evangelical perfection. So long as charity may triumph, at all costs, I would choose to be considered as of little worth. I will be patient and good to a heroic degree, even if I am to be crushed.