Thought of the day
Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday of the Twelfth week in Ordinary Time

"How constricted the road that leads to life"

     Let us take a look at what God said to Moses and which road he was told to choose... You may perhaps think that the way shown by God is straightforward and easy, that it involves absolutely no difficulty. To the contrary, it is an ascent, a very twisting climb! For the path by which we make our way towards the virtues does not go downwards but upwards and it is a narrow and difficult climb. Hear the Lord again, speaking in the the Gospel: “How strait and narrow is the way that leads to life!” See, then, how the Gospel matches the Law... Isn't it true to say that even the blind can see this clearly? One Spirit has written both the Law and the Gospel. 

     So the way by which we make progress follows a twisting ascent...; acts of virtue and faith involve a good many difficulties and efforts for many temptations, many obstacles set themselves against those who desire to act according to God's way. Then, too, in the faith we come across many a tricky thing, many points of debate, many objections from heretics... Listen to what Pharaoh said when he saw the way Moses and the Israelites had taken: “Those people are wandering about aimlessly” (Ex 14,3). Where Pharaoh was concerned those who follow God are going astray. As has been said, the way of wisdom is tortuous, with frequent twists and difficulties and numerous detours. And so to confess that there is one God and, in the same confession, to affirm that Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one God, how complicated, how difficult, how inextricable that seems to unbelievers! Then to add that “the Lord of glory” was crucified (1Cor 2,8) and that he is the Son of Man “who has come down from heaven” (Jn 3,13), how complicated, how difficult it seems! Someone hearing it without faith says: “Those people are going astray.” But you should stand firm, don't put such faith into doubt knowing that God is showing this way of faith to you.