Thought of the day
Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday of the Thirteenth week in Ordinary Time

“The Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.”

      So here, oh my Lord Jesus, is that divine poverty! How necessary it is that you teach me this! You loved it so much!… During your mortal life, you made it your faithful companion. You left it as an inheritance to your saints, to all who want to follow you, to all who want to be your disciples. You taught it by the example you gave throughout your entire life. Through your words, you glorified this poverty, you beatified it, proclaimed it as necessary. You chose poor workers to be your parents. You were born in a cave that served as a stable. You were poor in the work you did when you were a child. The first ones to adore you were shepherds. At your presentation in the Temple, the gift of the poor was offered. You lived as a poor worker in Nazareth for thirty years, where I have the good fortune to walk, where I have the joy … of picking up manure. 

      Then, during your public life, you lived from alms in the midst of poor fishermen whom you had taken to be your companions. “With no place to lay your head.” On Calvary, you were stripped of your clothing, your only possession, and the soldiers gambled among themselves. You died naked, and you were buried by means of alms by strangers. “How blest are the poor!” (Mt 5:3) 

      My Lord Jesus, how fast will the person become poor who, loving you with all his heart, cannot bear to be richer than his Beloved!