Thought of the day
Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C

Christ heals wounded humanity

At last a Samaritan passed by…Now, it was to the point that Christ called himself a Samaritan…, he to whom they had said in insult: “You are a Samaritan and are possessed,” (Jn 8,48). So, as I say, the Samaritan on a journey who was really Christ… for he was truly making a journey… saw humanity lying on the ground. He did not pass by because the object of his journey was “to visit us” (Lk 1,68,78), those for whom he came down to earth and with whom he dwelt. For he did not merely “appear but moved among men” in truth (Ba 3,38)…

He poured wine over our wounds, the wine of his Word, and seeing that the gravity of our wounds could not endure it in its full strength, he mixed with it the oil of his sweetness and “love for men” (Tit 3,4)… Afterwards he took the man to an inn. This name of ‘inn’ he gives to the Church, which has become the dwelling place and refuge of all peoples… And having arrived at the inn the Good Samaritan showed towards the man whom he had saved an even greater solicitude: Christ himself was in the Church, bestowing every grace… And to the innkeeper, symbol of the apostles, and of the pastors and doctors who succeeded them, he gave when he left – that is to say, when he ascended to heaven – two pieces of silver with which to take great care of his patient. By these two coins let us understand the two Testaments, the Old and the New, that of the Law and the Prophets and that which has been given to us by the evangelists and the writings of the apostles. Both come from the same God and bear the one image of the only God from on High, just like coins bearing the king’s image. And on our hearts they imprint the same royal image by means of the sacred words, since it is one and the same Spirit who has spoken them… These are two coins of the one king, given together by Christ to the innkeeper and equal in value.

On the last day the pastors of the holy churches will say to the Master on his return: “Lord, you gave me two coins; see now, in spending them I have gained two more” with which I have increased the flock. And the Lord will reply: “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Since you were faithful in small matters, I will give you great responsibilities. Come, share your Master’s joy,” (Mt 25,21).