Thought of the day
Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday of the Sixteenth week in Ordinary Time

“On rich soil, it produced fruit”

      “A sower went out to sow.” From whence did he go out? He who is present everywhere and fills the entire universe? How did he go out? Not in a physical sense but through a disposition of providence in our regard: he came near by clothing himself in our flesh. Since we are unable to go to him, our sins preventing our access, it is he who comes to us. And why did he go out? To destroy the ground where thistles were rampant? To punish the farm laborers for them? Not at all. He comes to cultivate this piece of land, take care of it and sow the word of holiness in it. For the seed he speaks of is, in fact, his own teaching; the field is the human soul; the sower, he himself… 

     It would be quite right to rebuke a farmer who sowed his seed so widely… But when it is a question of matters of the soul then stones can be turned into fruitful earth, the path can remain undisturbed by every passer-by and become a fertile field, thorns can be pulled up and allow the seed to grow peacefully. If it hadn’t been possible, he would not have broadcast his seed. And if the transformation never took place, that isn’t the sower’s fault but the fault of those who didn’t want to let themselves be changed. The sower carried out his work. If his seed has been wasted then the author of so great a blessing isn’t to blame. 

     Take good note that there are several ways of losing the seed… It is one thing to let the seed of God’s word dry out without tribulation or hassle, it’s another to see it perish beneath the shock of temptation… So that nothing similar should happen to us let us engrave the word in our minds, fervently, deeply. Then the devil may well go pulling out all around us, we shall have enough strength to keep him from pulling out anything in us.