Thought of the day
Sunday, July 31, 2016

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C

"Rich in what matters to God"

“What shall I do? Where am I to find something to eat, something to wear?” This is what that rich man was saying. His heart aches and anxiety gnaws at him because those things that give pleasure to others oppress the miser. The fact that all his barns are full brings him no happiness. The over-abundance of wealth pouring out of his granary is what grievously disturbs his soul... 

Think, O man, of him who has covered you with his bounty. Reflect on yourself a little. Who are you? What is it that has been entrusted to you? From whom have you received this responsibility? Why have you been chosen rather than a good many others? The God of all goodness has made you his steward; you have charge over your fellow servants: don't imagine that it's all been prepared for your stomach alone! So dispose of the good things you hold in your hand as though they belonged to others. The enjoyment they bring you does not last for long; very soon they will slip away and vanish; but of you a strict account will be demanded. But as for you, you guard it all under lock and key, and even though you have it all shut up, worry prevents you from sleeping... 

“What shall I do?” The answer is close to hand: “I will satisfy the hungry soul, open my barns and invite all those in need... I will let them hear these generous words: 'All you who lack bread, come to me; take your share of the gifts God has granted, each to his satisfaction.”