Thought of the day
Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday of the Nineteenth week in Ordinary Time

“The two shall become one flesh”

       Let us pray to the Lord for this bride and groom, who come to the altar as they begin their married life, that partaking of the Body and Blood of Christ they may always be bound together by love for one another. 

      Lord, our God, you have called N. and N. by name so that, in giving themselves to one another, they may become one flesh and one spirit; give them the body of your Son through whom their unity is brought to fulfillment. You alone are the source of their love and have set within them the desire for happiness that animates them; grant them the blood of your Son, which will sanctify their love and their joy. 

       As they receive the bread of life and the cup of blessing may they learn to give their lives for others, to raise in faithfulness to the Gospel the children who will born of their love, to seek above all else the Kingdom of God and its justice. May they be of service to the world in which they live, may they show themselves hospitable to the poor, may they give you thanks at all times and come frequently to renew their covenant by sharing together in communion with the risen body of Jesus Christ. 

      We ask you this in his name: since he sanctified the wedding feast at Cana and purified his Church by giving himself for her, we are assured that he is interceding to you for these our friends, N. and N. all the days of their life, both now and forever and in eternity. Amen.