Thought of the day
Sunday, September 18, 2016

Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C

“Make friends for yourselves with dishonest wealth, so that... you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings”

      Brethren and friends, let us by no means be wicked stewards of God’s gift to us. If we are we will have to listen to Saint Peter saying: “Be ashamed, you who hold back what belongs to another, take as an example the justice of God and no one will be poor. While others suffer poverty, let us not labor to hoard and pile up money, for if we do, holy Amos will threaten us sharply in these words: “Hear this, you who say: ‘When will the new moon be over that we may sell; and the Sabbath, that we may open up our treasures?’” (8:5)… 

      Let us imitate the first and most important law of God, “who sends his rain on the just and on sinners and makes the sun shine on every person equally” (Mt 5:45). God opens up the earth, the springs, the streams and the woods to all who live in the world. He gives the air to the birds, the water to the fish, and the basic needs of life abundantly to all, without restriction or limitation or preference. These basic goods are common to all, provided by God generously and with nothing lacking. He has done this so that creatures of the same nature may receive equal gifts and that he may show us how rich is his kindness… So imitate this divine mercy.