Thought of the day
Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wednesday of the Twenty-sixth week in Ordinary Time

“I will follow you”

       Jesus first of all gave up Mary and Joseph only. There still remained to Him invisible attendants and friends and He had their sympathy, but them He at length gave up also… Let us linger for a while with Mary—before we follow the steps of her Son, our Lord. There was an occasion when He refused leave to one who would bid his own home farewell, before he followed Him; and such was, as it seems, almost His own way with His Mother… 

       O Mary, we are devout to thy… woes as mother, but was not this, caused by the departure of thy Son, one of the greatest?... How didst thou bear that first separation from Him? How did the first days pass when thou wast desolate?... where didst thou pass the long three years and more, while He was on His ministry? Once - at the beginning of it - thou didst attempt to get near Him (Mk 3:31), and then we hear nothing of thee, till we find thee standing at His cross.