Thought of the day
Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday of the Twenty-sixth week in Ordinary Time

Consenting to conversion

God prompts us to rise up from sin and then, with the light of faith, he enlightens our mind. Next he kindles the will with a certain taste and flavor. God accomplishes all this in an instant although we are expressing it with many words, allowing for an interval of time. 

God brings about this work in us to a greater or lesser extent according to the fruit he anticipates. Light and grace is given to each so that, in doing what is in our power, we cannot escape anything without giving our consent. This consent is made as follows: When God has carried out his work it is enough for us to say: “Lord, I am content, do with me whatever pleases you, I have made up my mind never to sin again and to leave for your love everything in the world.” 

This consent and movement of the will are made so rapidly that our wills are united with God’s without our noticing it, all the more so in that it takes place in silence. We do not see this consent but we retain an interior impression of it that prompts us to put it into action. In this operation it finds itself so enflamed that it remains dazed and dumbstruck and is unable to turn to anything else. By means of this spiritual union we are bound to God with an almost indissoluble bond because God does almost everything, having received our consent. If we allow ourselves to be led, God directs and guides us to that perfection to which he has destined us.