Thought of the day
Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday of the Twenty-seventh week in Ordinary Time

Martha et Mary

“A woman named Martha welcomed them into her house; she had a sister called Mary”. If our hearts are the place where God dwells, these women must dwell there too: one sits at Jesus’s feet listening to him, the other busies herself with feeding him. So long as Christ is on earth, poor, subject to hunger, thirst and temptation, these two women must dwell in the same house so that these two activities may live in the same heart… 

Thus, throughout this life of hard work and misery, Martha must live in your house. While we need to eat and drink, we also need to subdue our flesh or body by deeds of vigil, fasting and hard work. This is Martha’s part. But Mary, spiritual action, needs to be present within us, too. For we mustn’t apply ourselves to corporal exercises without stopping; sometimes we also have to rest and taste how sweet the Lord is, sitting at Jesus’s feet for this reason and listening to his Word.

      My friends, do not either neglect Mary for Martha nor Martha for Mary! If you neglect Martha, who will wait on Jesus? If you neglect Mary, of what use to you is the visit of Jesus since you will not taste its sweetness?