Thought of the day
Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday of the First week of Advent

“A centurion of the Roman army approached him”

Oh true Israel, be ready to go out to meet the Lord! Do not only be ready to open the door to him when he is there and knocks at your door, but even go out to meet him cheerfully and joyfully when he is still far away. And so to speak with complete trust where the day of judgment is concerned, pray with all your heart that his reign might come… May your mouth be able to sing: “My heart is steadfast, oh God, my heart is steadfast!”…  And you, Lord, come to meet me who am going out to meet you! For in spite of all my efforts, I won’t be able to rise up to your height unless you bend down and stretch out your right hand to the work of your hands. So come to meet me and see whether there is a way of iniquity in me; and if you find in me a way of iniquity that I know nothing about, take it away from me and have mercy on me; lead me by the eternal way, which is to say Christ, for he is the way on which we walk and the eternity to which we come, the immaculate way and the blessed dwelling.   

[Biblical references: Am 3:12; Lk 12:36; Lk 14:32; 1 Jn 4:17; Ps 57:8; Job 14:15; Ps 139:24]