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Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday of the First week of Advent

Symeon the New Theologian (c.949-1022), Greek monk, saint of the Orthodox churches Hymn 27, 116-124.128-132.138-149

Friday of the First week of Advent

Commentary of the day 

Symeon the New Theologian (c.949-1022), Greek monk, saint of the Orthodox churches 
Hymn 27, 116-124.128-132.138-149

“At that he touched their eyes”

     Let us seek him who alone can give us back our liberty. Let us pursue him constantly with our desire whose beauty wounds hearts,  drawing them towards love and uniting them to him forever. Yes, let us all run towards him by our actions. Let us not allow anyone, whoever he may be, to forestall us or deceive us and distract us from our search.   Above all… let us not say that God never manifests his presence to human beings. Let us not say that it is impossible for people to see God’s light one day – or even to see it today. Thanks be to God, such a thing was was never impossible provided a person desired it. Let us realize how beautiful our Master is! Let us not close the eyes of our hearts to him by allowing ourselves to become absorbed in the things of this world. Yes, may our concern with earthly matters not make us slaves of human glory to the point of abandoning the one who is the light of eternal life.  Therefore, let us all go out to meet him together, with one heart, one mind, with all our soul. Let us cry out to him humbly, our good Master, our merciful Lord, to him who is “man’s only friend” (Wis 1:6). Let us seek him, for he will reveal himself to us, he will appear, he will manifest himself, he who is our hope.