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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary - Solemnity

Saint Ephrem (c.306-373), deacon in Syria, Doctor of the Church Hymns on Mary, no. 7

Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary - Solemnity

Commentary of the day 

Saint Ephrem (c.306-373), deacon in Syria, Doctor of the Church 
Hymns on Mary, no. 7

"Mary immaculate, full of a special grace coming from the merits of your son"

All you who are discerning, come and wonder at 
the virgin, daughter of David, who is mother… 
Come, wonder at the most pure virgin, 
a marvel in herself, alone amongst created things. 

She has given birth without having known a man, 
pure soul filled with wonderment. 
Her spirit is daily given up to praise 
for it rejoices at the twofold marvel: 
untouched virginity, most beloved child! 

She, young dove (Sg 6:8), has carried this eagle, 
Ancient of days (Dn 7:9), while singing his praises: 
“O my son, richest of all, you choose to grow up 
in a miserable nest. Melodious harp, 
you remain as silent as a little child. 
Therefore allow me, I beg, to sing for you… 

Your own dwelling, my son, is greater than any 
and yet you have wished me to be your home. 
Heaven is too small to contain your glory, 
yet I, most humble of beings, am she who bears you. 
Let Ezechiel come to see you on my lap, 
may he recognize in you the one whom cherubim 
bore on their chariot (Ez 1)…; today I bear you… 
Trembling greatly the cherubim cry out: 
“Blessed the splendor of the place you reside!” (Ez 3:12) 
That place is in me, my breast your dwelling, 
the throne of your greatness is held in my arms… 

Come to see me, Isaiah, look, let us rejoice! 
Behold how I have conceived while remaining a virgin (Is 7:14). 
Prophet of the Spirit, rich in your visions, 
now see the Emmanuel who remained hidden from you… 
Come then, O you who understand discernment, 
you who, with your voices, bear witness for the Spirit… 
Up, be glad, for behold the harvest! 
See: in my arms I hold the grain of life.”