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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas Weekday (January 4th)

Saint Romanos Melodios (?-c 560), composer of hymns Hymn XVII, § 12-13

Christmas Weekday (January 4th)

Commentary of the day 

Saint Romanos Melodios (?-c 560), composer of hymns 
Hymn XVII, § 12-13

                              “Come and see.”

Sin has been effaced; incorruptibility has been given us (1 Cor 15:53); the precursor showed us we have returned to grace by saying: “There is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” He showed the certificate of settlement to those who had incurred a heavy debt. He who had already leapt for joy in his mother’s womb, today proclaimed it and made known the one who has appeared to us and illumined everything. 

The Baptist proclaimed the mystery. He called the pastor the lamb, and not just lamb, but the lamb that effaces all our faults. “There is the Lamb,” he said. From now on no scapegoat is needed any more (Lev 16:21). Raise your hands to him, all of you, by acknowledging your sins, for he came to take away the sins of the whole world along with those of the people. From the height of heaven, the Father sent us this gift: he who has appeared and who has illumined everything. 

He has scattered the harmful night; thanks to him, all is noon. The light that never sets has shone forth on the world, Jesus our savior. In this abundance, the land of Zebulun imitates paradise for the torrent of delight irrigates it and a stream of ever living water springs forth there… Today in Galilee, we contemplate the source of living water: he who has appeared and who has illumined everything (cf. Mt 4:15-16; Ps 36:9-10).