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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday of the Sixth week in Ordinary Time

Saint Theophilus of Antioch (?-c.186), Bishop First address to Autolycus, 2, 7 ; PG 6, 1026f.

Wednesday of the Sixth week in Ordinary Time

Commentary of the day 

Saint Theophilus of Antioch (?-c.186), Bishop 
First address to Autolycus, 2, 7 ; PG 6, 1026f.

           “Happy the pure in heart, they shall see God” (Mt 5,8)

We must have a pure heart like a shining mirror. When rust gets on the mirror we can no longer see our face in it. In the same way, so long as there is sin in a person it is no longer possible for them to see God… 

However, if you want to you can be cured. Entrust yourself to the doctor; he will open the eyes of your soul and heart. Who is this doctor? God, who heals and vivifies by means of the Word and Wisdom. It is through his Word and Wisdom that God made the world: “By his word the heavens were made; by the breath of his Spirit all their host” (Ps 32[33]:6). His Wisdom is all-powerful: “The Lord by Wisdom founded the earth, established the heavens by understanding” (Pr 3:19)… 

If you know this, O man, and lead a life that is pure, holy and upright, then you can see God. Before all else may faith and the fear of God hold first place in your heart and you will understand this. When you have laid down your mortal state and put on an imperishable nature then you will be worthy of seeing God. For God will have restored to life the body that has become immortal together with your soul. And then, having become immortal, you will see the Immortal One if, even now, you give him your faith.