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Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday of the Seventh week in Ordinary Time

Saint Jacob of Sarug (c.449-521), Syrian monk and Bishop Hexameron; Homily for the sixth day “The two shall become as one”

Friday of the Seventh week in Ordinary Time

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Saint Jacob of Sarug (c.449-521), Syrian monk and Bishop Hexameron; Homily for the sixth day

“The two shall become as one”

God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” (Gen 1:26) A simple commandment had brought forth the other beings in creation: “Let there be light!” or “Let there be a dome!” This time, God did not say: “Let there be human beings”, but he said rather: “Let us make man.” For he considered it to be proper that this image of himself, which is superior to all the other creatures, be formed by his own hands. This work was particularly close to him; he loved it with a great love… Adam is the image of God because he bears the effigy of the Only Son…

In a certain sense, Adam was created simple and at the same time double. Eve was hidden in him. Even before they existed, humanity was destined for marriage, which would gather them, man and woman, together again in one single body, like in the beginning. No quarrel, no discord was to arise between them. They would be of one mind, would have one single will… The Lord formed Adam out of dust and water; he drew forth Eve from the flesh, the bones and the blood of Adam. The first man’s deep sleep anticipated the mysteries of the crucifixion. The opening of his side was the lance’s blow given to the Only Son; his sleep: death on the cross; the blood and water: the fruitfulness of baptism (Jn 19:34)… But the water and blood that flowed from the Savior’s side are at the origin of the world of the Spirit… 

Adam did not suffer because of something being removed from his flesh; what had been taken from him was returned to him transfigured through beauty. The blowing of the wind, the murmuring of the trees, the singing of the birds called to those who were betrothed: “Arise, you have slept enough! You are expected at the wedding feast!”… Adam saw Eve at his side, she who was of his flesh and his bones, his daughter, his sister, his spouse. Covered in a garment of light, they arose into the smiling day. They were in Paradise.