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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday after Ash Wednesday

Richard Rolle (c.1300-1349), English hermit The Song of Love, 32 (SC 168) "I have come to call... sinners to repentance."

Saturday after Ash Wednesday

Commentary of the day 

Richard Rolle (c.1300-1349), English hermit The Song of Love, 32 (SC 168)

                "I have come to call... sinners to repentance."

Christ on the cross cries out in a loud voice… He proffers peace, addressing himself to you, desiring to see you embrace love…: Consider this, O beloved! I, the boundless Creator, have espoused myself to flesh so that I might be born of a woman. I, God, have made myself known to the poor as their friend. A humble mother is the one I have chosen. Publicans were those with whom I ate. Sinners inspired in me no aversion. With persecutors I bore. I underwent the lash and “humbled myself even to death on a cross,” (Phil 2,8). “What more was there to do that I had not done?” (Is 5,4). I opened my side to the lance. I suffered them to pierce my hands and my feet. Why do you not look at my bleeding flesh? How can you fail to consider my bowed head? I have consented to be accounted among the guilty and behold how, overwhelmed with suffering, I die for you in order that you should live for me. If you are not paying much heed to yourself, if you are not trying to withdraw yourself from the snares of death, now at least repent for my sake who poured out for you the exceedingly precious balm of my own blood. Look at me on the point of death and restrain yourself on the brink of sin. Yes, cease your sinning; you have cost me so dear! 

For you I became incarnate and for you I was born; for you I became subject to the Law; for you I was baptised, was overcome with disgrace, seized, tortured, covered with spittle, mocked, scourged, wounded, nailed to the cross, given vinegar to drink and, at the last, sacrificed for you. My side is open: lay hold of my heart. Run, throw your arms around my neck: I am offering you my kiss. I have won you as my inheritance so that now none other may have you in possession. Surrender yourself wholly to me who have been wholly given up for you.