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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesday of the Second week of Lent

"You have but one master, the Messiah"

Tuesday of the Second week of Lent

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Saint Paschasius Radbertus (?-c.849), Benedictine monk 
Commentary on St Matthew's Gospel, 10, 23 (copyright Friends of Henry Ashworth)

"You have but one master, the Messiah"

     If anyone wants a high office let him want the labor it entails not the honor it will bring him. He should desire to serve and minister to everyone and not expect everyone to serve and minister to him. For the desire to be served comes from the supercilious attitude of the Pharisees; the desire to serve, from the teaching of Christ. Those who canvass for positions of honor are the ones who exalt themselves; those who delight in serving and caring for others are the ones who humble themselves so as to be exalted by God. 

     Note that it is not those whom the Lord exalts who will be humbled, but those who exalt themselves, and similarly it is those who of their own accord humble themselves who will be exalted by the Lord... After specifically reserving the office of teaching to himself, Christ immediately went on to give as the rule of his teaching that whoever wants to be the greatest should be the servant of all. And he gave the same rule in other words when he said: "Learn of me, for I am meek and humble of heart," (Mt 11:29). 

     Anyone, therefore, who wants to be Christ's disciple must hasten to learn the lesson he professes to teach, for a perfect disciple will be like his master. Otherwise, if he refuses to learn his master's lesson, far from being a master himself he will not even be a disciple.

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