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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saturday of the Fourth week of Lent

Saint Theophilus of Antioch (?-c.186), Bishop To Autolycus, 1, 2.7 "A division occurred in the crowd because of him"

Saturday of the Fourth week of Lent

Commentary of the day 

Saint Theophilus of Antioch (?-c.186), Bishop To Autolycus, 1, 2.7

      "A division occurred in the crowd because of him"

It is with our bodily eyes that we notice what is happening in life and all around us: we observe the difference between light and darkness, white and black, ugly and beautiful... ; the same thing happens with regard to what comes to us through our sense of hearing : high-pitched, low-pitched, concordant. However, we also have ears of the heart and eyes of the soul and with these it is possible to grasp God. Thus God is perceived by those who can see him when the eyes of their souls have been opened. 

We all have physical eyes but, for some of us, they are veiled and don't see the light of day. If the blind can't see, this is not because the light of the sun is not shining! It is themselves and their eyes that the blind are handicapped by. The same applies to you : the eyes of your soul are covered over by your sins and evil deeds... ; when someone sins, they can't see God anymore... 

Nevertheless, if you want to, you can be healed. Entrust yourself to the doctor and he will operate on the eyes of your soul and heart. Which doctor is this ? It is God, who heals and gives life through his Word and Wisdom. For it is through his Word and Wisdom that God made all things... If you understand this and your life is pure and pious and upright, then you are able to see God. But before all else let faith and the fear of God enter your heart first and then you will understand it. When you have put off mortality and put on immortality (1Cor 15:53) then you will see God according as you deserve. He is the God who will raise up your flesh to immortality along with your soul. And then, when you have become immortal, you will see the immortal God insofar as you have believed in him now.