Thought of the day
Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday of the Twelfth week in Ordinary Time

"Jesus touched him, and said, 'I will do it. Be made clean' "

Until there shone the light divine 
I knew not myself. 
Then, seeing myself in darkness and the dungeon, 
Caught in the mire, covered with muck, 
Wounded, bloated..., 
I fell at the feet of the one who had enlightened me, 
and he who had enlightened me 
touched my bonds and injuries 
with his hands. 
Where his hand touched and his finger drew near 
At once my bonds fell from me, 
My wounds and all my uncleanness disappeared. 
My fleshly filth vanished... 
So as to become like his divine hand. 
What an extraordinary marvel: 
My flesh, soul and body, 
Have a share in divine glory! 

No sooner was I purified, freed from my bonds, 
Than he appeared who held out to me his divine hand. 
He drew me out completely from the mire, 
Embraced and hugged me, 
Covering me with kisses (Lk 15,20). 
And I who had been altogether spent 
And had lost my strength, 
he took upon his shoulders (Lk 15,5), 
and carried me away from my tortures... 

It was light that bore me away, upholding me, 
drawing me towards a great light... 
It enabled me to contemplate by what mysterious refashioning 
he himself had formed me once again (Gn 2,7), 
snatching me away from corruption. 
He granted me the gift of life immortal 
and clothed me with a garment, insubstantial and shining, 
giving me sandals, a ring and a crown, 
incorruptible and everlasting (Lk 15,22).